St. James Episcopal Church
Yardville New Jersey
St. James Episcopal Church | 1040 Yardville Allentown Rd., Yardville, N.J. 08620 | 609-208-0228

Program Year Schedule:

Services of St. James, Yardville and St. Matthias, Hamilton are listed below.They are also in the Calendar section of this website. Please contact St. James Office for questions about Holy Day and seasonal celebrations (609-208-0228)


5:00 PM Holy Communion/Mass		(St. James')  


8;00 AM Holy Communion/Mass		(St. Matthias')
9:30 AM Holy Communion/Mass		(St. James')
Christian Education following
First Sunday of the month is usally a Childrens Sermon

11:15 AM  Holy Communion/Mass		(St. Matthias')                                                                  
Weekday Schedule:
Monday: 7:30 AM 			Morning Prayer
Tuesday: 7:30 AM 			Morning Prayer
Wednesday: 7:30 AM	 	Morning Prayer
10:00 AM Holy Communion/Mass

Thursday: 7:30 AM			 Morning Prayer
Saturday: 9:00 AM			 Morning Prayer